Village Community Church exists to be a Gospel-centered, bible teaching, community focused church for the purpose of seeking and loving the lost.



Our Mission

LOVE is the motivation

Love motivates God to pursue us. Through Jesus Christ we can be in relationship with God the Father. Encountering this love in our own lives compels us to love others and share the gospel with them. At Village Community our heart is to love God and love others because He first loved us.


GOSPEL is the central point of God's love

“The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life.” (Romans 6:23). We all were born with sin. On our own, there is no way to overcome the wages of sin. Jesus Christ offered himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Through belief in the gospel we receive eternal life. At Village Community we strive for gospel centrality to be lived out in our daily lives for the purpose of revealing God’s glory and redeeming people.

IDENTITY is secured through the Gospel

The gospel holds the power to transform a life and make it new. Applying the gospel in our life secures in us our True identity as a child of God. At Village Community we have a heart to help more and more people find their identity in Christ.