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Our current series in Ephesians “A Unified Family In Christ”

As a new church it’s crucial we learn what it means to be a family of God. Paul’s letter to the new believers in Ephesus is a great place for us to know God in a deeper way, while understanding what he did for us through Christ and who we are as his children. While this letter can cut deep in the heart of conviction, the message of unity, love, and grace stands out to encourage the family to be built up, strong and mighty to face the troubles of life.

"Creating an Environment of Life" Ephesians 5:3-21

Pauls message to the new believers in Ephesus is timely as they are now seeking to live holy lives in an unholy environment. His call to not even “speak” nor “listen” to idolatrous talk hits home in our hearts as our living conditions are similar. The hope of salvation is evident for those who’s evil ways are exposed by the light of holy living. Heart transformation leads to an environment of life!

“Knowing God’s will leads us to flee the environment of death and create an environment of Life. We therefore are moved to speak of holiness and righteousness, bringing light into a dark world.”

“God is not after our behavior modification, he wants heart transformation! His business is salvation!”

"Imitating God" Ephesians 5:1-2

It’s one thing to be invited to imitate (or mimic) a parent, teacher, employer, athlete, or sports figure. But to be invited to imitate the Almighty God? Those are some big shoes to walk in but Paul encourages us with all confidence that we are able!

Easter Sunday!!! John Ch 20-21 & Luke 24 "The Resurrection"

The message of “The Resurrection” is the third and final message of the Easter Season. The message is one of victory for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is the story of his resurrection and defeat of death which offers life eternal to all who receive this Truth. Are you wondering about eternal life? Wondering if God may be speaking to you about the Truth? This message is for you!

Palm Sunday Message: "The Big Reveal" Matthew 20:29-21:17

Step into history as we recount Jesus’s entrance into the city of Jerusalem, declaring that his IS the long awaited messiah. He’s not who they wanted though, he’s more, he IS God!