The “Heart of The Valley” is named for 11 communities east of Appleton, WI adding up to a population of over 65,000 people within 125 square miles.  

  • Kimberly is located in the Heart of Valley at the central west point just east of Appleton. 

  • 30,000 people live within a two mile radius of where the Stegers live in Kimberly. 

  • Studies show that within this two mile radius, 25,000 people say faith is not an important part of their lives. In addition there are more people leaving churches than joining with a projected constant decline in attendance. 

In the next 10 years the growth in the area is expected to increase by 3000! One of the exciting happenings for this anticipated growth is the renovation of the former NewPage Mill area into "The Cedars at Kimberly". What an exciting opportunity to live, love, serve and grow in this community and beyond! 

While there are still, many positive elements in the Heart of the Valley communities, this shows an apparent need for the gospel to penetrate the hearts of every man, woman and child in these communities to ignite them for a life of worship.